The images presented in the series "Ciudad Ideal" (Ideal City), portray different houses belonging to suburbs built within the modern standards of the city (super-modernity), such as efficiency, economy and seriality. The series appears as a social document and a "portrait in absence" of the people who inhabit them.

The photographs are created through a succession of pre-established actions. The idea generated by imposed norms is what creates the work, constituting a rigid, frontal, and symmetrical frame; arises as a stable structure through all the images of the series.

On the other hand, in this series all the post-production strategies are oriented to generate a clean image, to devoid the picture of all dramatic elements, preserving just the unique and distinguishing objects from each house.


Rosario Montero is a photo based artist with a BA in Visual Arts at the Catholic University of Chile and a MFA from the University of Chile (graduated in 2007). She had her first solo exhibition at the Centro Cultural de España Gallery in 2004. In 2006 she published her first photography book, "Parallel Views" In the year 2010 her work was part of the selection of contemporary Chilean photographers for 02/CNCA. She has participated in several collective exhibitions, that include: "Cohort" at the Museum of Contemporary Art 2009, "Portraits: North, Central and South" in the Military History Museum in 2006, "None" in 2005 and "Modular" in 2004 (MHM) . During 2009 she began her own production company Puro Delirio. Today she is the director and photographer of Contrahilo, a visual portfolio of fashion creators. She currently lives in London, UK where she is working on several projects related to photography.

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